Tasks and employee stories at Design Offices

"At Design Offices we are adopting the new work ethos"

I decided to join Design Offices because…
… I realized during the interview that this was a modern company with flat hierarchical structures. The vision of shaping the new world of work in Germany with state-of-the-art spatial solutions and innovative ideas was why I decided to join and opted to turn down three other job offers in the top-class restaurant and hotel industry. I’ve never regretted my decision. I’ve now been promoted from Operation Coordinator to Operation Manager, lead a team and ensure on a daily basis that the time our guests spend at Design Offices is a fantastic experience.

In my role of Operation Manager, I’m a very enthusiastic host …
… who really enjoys his job and conveys this to the guests. My father provided me with inspiration by telling me: “Quality starts within yourself. We must be fully committed to our tasks and put our heart into them. We must remain inquisitive and always be eager to learn more. We must love what we do and truly appreciate our products.” For me, this means one thing above all else. To make our guests happy, I must be content with myself and my work. I can only sell a product enthusiastically if I really believe in it.

For me new work means …
… working in an environment that inspires me and is not demotivating. I do not see challenges as a problem but as an opportunity to produce creative, unconventional solutions. Everyone here works independently and assumes individual responsibility – that’s also a hallmark of the new work ethos in my view. Then there’s the team structure. There are flat hierarchies, we address one another informally, including the management, and everyone works on equal terms.

Being part of the Design Offices family means …
… that my colleagues are also friends. We do lots together outside of the office. For example, we regularly try to prepare the “perfect dinner” where we take it in turns to cook a three-course meal for each other. In my experience from previous positions in the restaurant industry, there is unfortunately often rivalry between employees. That’s different at Design Offices. The people working here get on really well. Even when things get stressful, we all help one another out.

Kaleb Leyer 

House Manager
Design Offices Nürnberg City

"Here we’re all part of a big family"

Elena and Julian’s story began in 2014 when the couple met while working at a 5-star hotel in New Orleans. A great deal has happened in the couple’s lives since then. They are now married and live in Germany – and just like when their love story began, they once again have the same employer.

That certainly wasn’t planned. When they decided to move to Munich in 2016, Elena took a position as a Junior Sales & Event Manager at Design Offices. Julian, who comes from Malaysia, spends every minute of his spare time learning German. Finding a job proved difficult for the young man as he was still learning a new language and did not speak it fluently. When Elena’s boss found out about his situation he decided that Julian deserved an opportunity - which he got at Design Offices where he worked initially as a waiter. He has now been promoted to Community Manager which means he is the first contact partner for customers. As Julian now not only speaks perfect German, but also Chinese and English, he increasingly focuses on international guests.

In Elena’s job – which involves selling event space in Munich and managing national and international customers – team spirit is also one of the main reasons why she enjoys work: “There’s incredible team spirit here. Despite the fact that 250 employees now work for the company in different cities, there is a real family atmosphere.”

Julian Lee & Elena Hibinsky

Community Manager & Front Office Manager
Design Offices München Highlight Towers

“One’s own personality is of primary importance”

Working at a company that is growing so rapidly is ...

... extremely exciting. I’ve already been working at Design Offices for almost six years. When I first began - in 2012 - the company was still a start-up with only two locations. Being a part of an enterprise that has grown explosively in such a short period of time is not only totally interesting, but also fills me with a wonderful feeling. Of course, such rapid growth also presents a number of challenges. However, as a team we've also been able to successfully cope with these thus far. That creates a bond and makes us proud of our collective achievement. 

What motivates me in my work is that ...

... each day brings something new with it and that I am not trapped in rigid routines. Here, everyone becomes space to express one’s own personality - whether in smaller jobs or in major projects. And what pleases me most: We aren’t “new-improved robots” here, but are appreciated as individual people. In our company, introducing your own ideas is given priority: thinking creatively and continually improving processes, instead of merely following rules and routines. 

For me, new work means ...

... the working method of tomorrow - even though that of course doesn’t really apply to us. After all, here at Design Offices, the working method of tomorrow is namely already our everyday world. Rather, it feels like we are treading a terrain where we are opening up new paths to the working means of tomorrow and beyond. Scope for development for one’s own personality and creativity are natural here. Just as how we work every day in an environment that has been optimally conceived to encourage exchange and resourcefulness. However, as new work still isn’t standard or isn’t even on the horizon for many companies, we come in contact with businesses of all sizes and in all industries as customers that are seeking just that at Design Offices.

The team at Design Offices ...

... is one-of-a-kind. For example, last year I took parental leave and was welcomed back very warmly. And not only by those colleagues who I knew before my leave. My team, during my one-year break, has namely grown considerably: from 4 to 13. On the whole, we enjoy a very open corporate culture here.

Caroline Seuffert 

House Manager
Design Offices Berlin Am Zirkus

"Every day at work is different."

What is a typical working day like? 

“There’s not one really. That’s because I don’t work at a permanent location or in a permanent team. In my project manager role, I’m essentially responsible for the furnishings of the locations. This might be for the opening of a new location or an existing office and event site. My tasks are wide-ranging and I’m the first point of contact for lots of questions. I’m the contact partner for the tradesmen, my colleagues in construction management and I act on behalf of the architects on site. Agility is vitally important in my job – I always have to adapt to new situations and people. Unforeseen challenges often arise which I have to deal with on the spur of the moment, making decisions independently.”

Which attributes are required in your job? 

“The key requirements are flexibility and a solution-oriented approach combined with creativity. The ability to work to a high quality standard is vital.”

What do you like about your job? 

“Its dynamic nature and the travel. I currently work at over 20 sites right across Germany. I really enjoy the contact with lots of different people and working towards a common goal as part of a team. Each project I manage presents new challenges. I’m always learning new things and am constantly developing. It’s great when I’m at a new location from the outset and can contribute my own ideas.”

What do you like about Design Offices? 

“I really like the appreciation shown by my line managers and colleagues. You’re challenged but also encouraged!”

Tobias Hahn 

Southern Germany Project Manager
Design Offices GmbH