Our values - your benefits

We are Design Offices. We are New Work.

Anyone who starts their career with Design Offices will have their finger on the pulse of our times. You’ll work in an industry with growth potential and a modern, dynamic environment with lots of scope for independent thinking and acting. Since the company was founded in 2008, we have become the leading provider of future-oriented spatial solutions for agile working and innovation in Germany. We are present in Hamburg, Munich, Berlin and other major cities. Around 500 employees provide our customers with the ideal working environment for all their requirements at more than 35 locations in Germany’s most beautiful cities. We have a total area of over 165.000 m2 at flexible office and inspiring meeting and event venues. All of our locations feature top-notch, high-quality facilities, digital infrastructure and an impressive design with extensive services on demand. And the same applies to our employees as to our customers. Effective performance and a sense of wellbeing are not mutually exclusive here, but interdependent instead. Become part of the Design Offices family with its extraordinary team spirit – we look at things differently, overcome challenges with creative solutions and celebrate success together. 


What awaits you at our company? Here’s an overview of the benefits we offer.


  • Everything runs smoothly from the outset thanks to our onboarding

We place great emphasis on ensuring you are happy here from the very first working day. As well as our warm welcome, there’s also a mentoring programme and extensive onboarding support. With supportive colleagues by your side, you’ll easily come to grips with your new tasks. Our HR team also regularly organizes two-day onboarding workshops. Here you’ll find out about the key requirements to get your career off to a flying start and meet new colleagues from other cities – and also have lots of fun.

  • Agility in all aspects of life – our bikes ensure mobility

Sit in the saddle rather than the traffic. We encourage agility and that doesn’t stop at the workplace. Lend one of our stylish bicycles to get from A to B in a modern and environmentally friendly way. You’ll not only become familiar with one of our products for customers but will also make your fitness routine part of everyday working life

  • A uniform look with room for individuality – our DO-Collection   

We’re part of a team and everyone should see that. Every day you select an item of clothing from our DO-Collection which you combine with your own clothes. The blend of our high-quality blouses, waistcoats and trousers etc. and your favourite items reflects who we are – individuals who together make up an invincible team. As our clothing is not just made sustainably, but is also of a high organic standard, it’s distinguished by its high-quality workmanship and modern design and the workwear has long become part of our employees’ look in their downtime  

  • Innovative workshops and conferences and more – become part of the new work community 

Our vision: To promote the concept of new work in Germany. This requires creative minds who think innovatively and see the big picture. Thanks to free admission to our exciting events and presentations, you’ll get just the inspiration required to adopt a visionary way of working. Whether it’s a keynote address by a famous speaker, an unforgettable event related to new work with high-ranking guests or the “effective office” conference with high-profile partners, at our events, you’ll gain lots of inspiration and will meet exciting people. 

  • Enjoying events together creates a team spirit beyond work

The summer festival, the Christmas party or team off-site activities – we also enjoy time together outside of the workplace. As we deliver top performance day in, day out, we also need the chance to wind down. This works particularly well at outstanding venues, such as the Hammerhof innovation lab of our CEO and founder Michael O. Schmutzer. As we’d like to retain our special family spirit despite our rapid growth, all staff from across Germany meet up twice a year - as we like celebrating our joint success story together.