About Design Offices

We anticipated upheaval in the world of work at a very early stage. This is why Design Offices has been a driving force and platform for New Work ever since it was founded in 2008. Our visionary concept and our trend-setting work environments have made us the epicenter for groundbreaking new ideas. For this reason alone, we enjoy the highest regard among the most renowned national and international companies. At present, there are 40 Design Offices locations in major German cities.

Clear position

Design Offices is the number one address for corporate coworking and leading workspace-as-a-service provider in Germany. We offer flexible work environments that promote innovation and agile work cultures. By shaping the new world of work, we are making significant contributions to the successful transformation of companies.

Values that shape our mindset and actions

We view the future with a sense of inquisitiveness and discovery, seizing every opportunity to develop new, smart approaches and devise creative solutions for the working world of tomorrow. Innovation is our driving force.
Our contribution is solution-oriented and sustainable. We strive to achieve an effective and measurable impact. Our services are intelligent and goal-oriented.
We want to find out how people live, think and work. We’re interested in their aspirations and dreams; only in this way can we develop meaningful products and optimum services.
We believe in the creative power that is inherent to all of us. We go about tackling our customers’ challenges with positive energy and look to the future of the working world with a strong sense of optimism.