About Design Offices

We anticipated the revolutionary changes in the work environment at a very early stage. That's why Design Offices has been a catalyst and platform for New Work since our founding in 2008. Our visionary concept and pioneering work environments have made us the epicenter for groundbreaking new ideas. For this reason alone, we enjoy the highest appreciation of the most renowned national and international companies.

Company foundation

Michael O. Schmutzer anticipated at a very early stage what revolutionary changes were in store for the work environment. The passionate entrepreneur decided to become one of the catalysts of these developments and founded Design Offices in Nuremberg in 2008. His goal: to help shape New Work in Germany. At a time many companies were still shoving their employees into office cubicles, Schmutzer had already started creating special "working spaces" and offering them to companies as well as individuals by the hour, day, week or even for longer periods.

Michael O. Schmutzer Design Offices

The basic idea behind it: New Work needs flexible work spheres in which everyone can work for themselves, but also together with others. Whether it's at a desk, in smaller lounges, larger conference rooms or even halls, always with special attention to an inspiring environment where design, vintage looks and, if desired, gastronomy combine.

Michael O. Schmutzer Design Offices

»Thinking requires spaces in which it can sprout in all directions.«

Michael O. Schmutzer, Design Offices Founder

With this visionary concept and a pioneering architecture, Design Offices is now the most important platform for the topic of New Work and the design of new, customized work environments in Germany. The secret of Schmutzer's success lies in his meticulous research work, on the basis of which he developed the Design Offices method. As a result, Design Offices locations feature multifunctional work environments that can be used flexibly as needed. These are complemented by a wide range of services.

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Michael O. Schmutzer passed the baton to Dr. Joachim Gripp in 2020. Since then, he has been leading the company as CEO – the management of Design Offices has been consisting of the following people:

Executive board

Design Offices CEO

Dr. Joachim Gripp


Design Offices | Emanuel Zimmermann

Emanuel Zimmermann



Sandra Radeck Design Offices

Sandra Radeck


Design Offices Employee

Daniel Knöller

Inside Sales & Revenue

Hilmar Freiherr von Canstein Design Offices

Hilmar Freiherr von Canstein

Legal & Compliance

Andrea Mülheims  Design Offices

Andrea Mülheims


Design Offices Employee

Annette Sturm


Annamaria Weber Design Offices

Annamaria Weber

Finance & Accounting

Design Offices Employee

Konstantin Wimmer

Real Estate & Expansion