Company founder CEO

"Thinking requires spaces in which it can sprout in all directions."

Michael O. Schmutzer

Michael O. Schmutzer realised very early on just how radically the world of work was going to be revolutionised. This thoroughbred entrepreneur decided to become one of the drivers of these developments and founded Design Offices in 2008. His company has long since become one of the main hotbeds of trailblazing new ideas in this area. With a visionary concept and pioneering architecture, Design Offices represents the most important platform for "New Work" and the design of innovative workplaces in Germany today. Since the foundation of Design Offices, it has received the accolades of the most renowned national and international companies. The secret to Schmutzer's success lies in his meticulous research – he is virtually unparalleled in his knowledge of the latest societal and economic trends.

This pioneer of the modern workplace cut his teeth on groundbreaking real estate design projects throughout Germany. He played a leading role in the development of real estate products and complete residential estates for the Centacon consultancy. He was one of the first to grasp the concept of turning real estate into a brand. The projects he led won many national and international awards.

Michael O. Schmutzer has made Design Offices No. 1 in Corporate Coworking in Germany. Currently, there are more than 35 sites in all main metropolitan centres across the country. And with more openings coming soon, Schmutzer is not yet finished writing this success story.