Work Lab

Versatility as top priority

With its exceptional design options, the Work Lab is perfectly suited for creative and agile work. As a future-oriented conference room it can be used for bar camps, change and transformation workshops as well as seminars with larger groups. With its versatile and flexible facilities, the Work Lab is designed to promote the exchange of ideas. During the day, the future is being created here. And in the evenings, you celebrate your successes at the same location.
Capacity: up to 200 people
  • Flexible seating options including platform stairs
  • Screen/beamer
  • Writable walls
Possible seating:


  • Free wifi
  • High-quality lobby for guest reception
  • Flatscreen or screen with beamer
  • Writable walls/pinboards/flipcharts
  • Technology trolley with basic equipment for moderation and presentations (toolbox)
  • Daylight (dimmable)
  • Airconditioning
  • Future-oriented conference room with sophisticated lighting and acoustics concept
  • Several different room setting in one space, therefore also suitable for several teams
  • New Work seating for increased flexibility
Designated use:
Workshops, (kick-off) presentations, business events, modern meeting and conference formats
starting at € 99 / hour (incl. VAT)
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