Corporate Coworking

Today’s companies are facing greater challenges than ever before. Global competition, digital transformation, changing employee demands, competition for high potentials, rising demand for innovations - all this calls for an entirely new mindset and novel approaches. Studies have shown that teams work more successfully and creatively and are more effective at exploiting potential than lone individuals. Inspiring, and above all diverse working environments are essentlal here, providing settings in which talents can develop and the innovative strength of each individual can achieve exponential growth. Not only global players have recognized this fact, but also SMEs, as well as small, ambitious firms and management consultancies.

Ideal corporate solutions

Corporate Coworking is the blueprint for business success in the future. Thanks to virtually unlimited scalability, workspaces can be precisely tailored to each project as required – taking into account team size, project duration, optimum fittings and even the specific demands of the task at hand. Plug & Play enables employees to focus on team spirit and team play right from the word go: everything else is provided as a reliable, professional service. This is why not only companies love this approach but also members of generations Y and Z.

Design Offices Work Lab

Coworking offers a range of benefits:

  1. Inspiring work landscapes strengthen collaboration and accelerate genuine innovation.
  2. Maximum flexibility is provided – whether in terms of time, size or equipment and fittings.
  3. Productivity is significantly enhanced through collaboration and the team effect.
  4. Perfect working conditions make it easier for companies to recruit new employees.
  5. Work to maximum efficiency: simply choose a place and get started.
  6. Professional and intelligent services make work effective and reliable.

The foundation for success

Right from the outset, we left nothing to chance. The services Design Offices provide derive from extensive international research. The Design Offices method was developed based on the collected findings of countless studies and has become a trend-setting force within the new world of work. In developing this method, the four most important types of work were identified and the optimum facilities were created for each one.

Design Offices Focus

Do you want to get your job done efficiently in your own office with access to a wide range of services? Our solution: Office Spaces

Design Offices Collaborate

Collaboration and encounters with fascinating individuals and brands – for fresh inspiration, perspectives and ideas. Our solution: Coworking Spaces

Design Offices Visual

Multifunctional spaces for agile workshops, productive meetings, training sessions or presentations. Our solution: Meeting Spaces

Design Offices Socialize

Networking as a setting for interpersonal connections and unforgettable events. Our solution: Conference Spaces