Design Offices as employer

What makes us special

Spirit of innovation and activism

The rules of the game are changing fast in the world of work today. Our team faces up to varying and challenging tasks in an innovative working environment on a daily basis. There is no stagnation. As brand leader in corporate coworking in Germany we are not only growing as a business but also personally, so that each and every one pushes on their career.

Team culture and colleagues who give their best every day

Every single success counts and we celebrate it all together. As experts for new work we bring the future world of work to life. What goes for our customery also comes around for our employees: Feel-good atmosphere and effective work do not seclude oneself but are mutually dependent. Our warm welcome and personal culture makes you part of the Design Office from your very first day at work.

Flexibility and passion

Everybody can become a gamechanger thanks to flexible work conepts and short decision-making-channels. We are present in the most beautiful metropolises in Germany and provide the ideal new work environment for creativity and inspiration. Our highly motivated team thinks out of the box and manages the impossible. We tackle our tasks with passion, curiosity and excitement - and we really love to host.

Whom we are looking for

Design Offices needs a variety of talents. We are looking for creative conference and event managers with expertise in planning, oraginising and support. We need active community managers who make our office customers perfectly happy. On top we need planner for building projects, experts in human nature for our HR department, number crunchers for our controlling, creatives for marketing and more.

Download our Design Offices cheatsheet for yur application

What we offer

We do not only support you today, but also in your future. Therefore we facilitate your private pension plans and provide an attractive company pension scheme. Using this, you can increase your income on top of your statutory pension later.

Design Offices bietet Mitarbeitern eine geförderte Betriebliche Altersvorsorge, damit sie entspannt in die Zukunft schauen können.

We place great emphasis on ensuring you are happy here from the very first working day. As well as our warm welcome, there’s also a mentoring program and extensive onboarding support organized by our DO Academy. The Academy supports each and everyone with individual trainings.

Mentorenprogramm, Onboarding & Weiterbildung in der DO Akademie

We’re part of a team and everyone should see that. With the DO Collection you get a stylish blend of high-quality blouses, waistcoats and shirts and more – sustainable, of a high organic standard made with high-quality workmanship and modern design. Every day our colleagues select an item of clothing from our DO-Collection which you combine with your own clothes.

Gemeinsamer Look mit der DO-Collection

Are you prefering latte macchiato, organic lemonades or stick to Red Bull? Our employees have free access to a variety of coffee specialities and soft drinks.

Getränke für jeden Geschmack

Thanks to free admission to our exciting events and presentations, you’ll get just the inspiration required to adopt a visionary way of working. Whether it’s a keynote address by a famous speaker, an unforgettable event related to new work with high-ranking guests or conferences with high-profile partners, at our events, you’ll gain lots of inspiration and will meet exciting people.

Workshops, Kongresse & Co.

Sit in the saddle rather than the traffic. We encourage agility and that doesn’t stop at the workplace. Lend one of our stylish bicycles to get from A to B in a modern and environmentally friendly way. You’ll not only become familiar with one of our products for customers but will also make your fitness routine part of everyday working life.

Stylishe Bikes für Mobilität

The summer festival, the Christmas party or team off-site activities – we also enjoy time together outside of the workplace. As we deliver top performance day in, day out, we also need the chance to wind down. Despite our rapid growth we’d like to retain our special family spirit. This is why all staff from across Germany meet up regularly - as we like celebrating our joint success story together.

Gemeinsame Events mit dem gesamten Team