Design Offices Method

Foundations for New Working

In the modern working landscape, tasks are becoming ever more heterogeneous. A single, rigid environment can never establish the perfect conditions to meet a variety of needs. If employees are to give their best, they must have a working environment in which they can feel good at all times. They require flexible spaces geared to their different challenges.

The Design Offices portfolio is based on the results of national and international research and extensive studies relating to the world of work, and also naturally incorporates personal experience. These insights formed the basic concept behind the development of the Design Offices Method with its four different ways of working. Special room offers are available for all our customers, and you can mix and match freely between the various options. The comprehensive services geared to the individual needs of our customers round off the unique solution from Design Offices and leave no desires unfulfilled.


You work alone or in a small team and attach considerable importance to peace and quiet and to discretion? Welcome to our Office Spaces! Here, everyone can work very efficiently in their own office, while being able to access our complete range of services.


Nowadays, people spend their whole working lives learning. We offer multifunctional conference spaces for interesting seminars, successful coaching sessions or target-oriented project work. Or for constructive meetings and presentations that leave a lasting impression.


Is the opportunity to exchange information and ideas with others just as vital to you as the air we breathe? In our coworking spaces, collaboration with other interesting individuals and encounters with exciting brands are sure to inspire a constant stream of new ideas.


We make networking a success and create space for productive interactions – at the events hosted by our customers and in your own office space. There's no shortage of inspiration for ample discussion in our stimulating event spaces. Especially given the spectacular surroundings and excellent catering services.  

For every task, the perfect room offer

The Design Offices sites have been designed so that all four styles of work we have identified find their ideal space. And that ensures the utmost flexibility – of a kind to be found nowhere else. This begins with the booking periods, which can range from a few hours, days, weeks or even years. You can combine room types to your heart's content and use them either simultaneously or in succession as needed. All this you can do at ten of the most attractive business addresses throughout the whole of Germany.