New freedom in city traffic

The exponents of the new approach to work don't like being tied down: they prefer to set their own pace and choose their own route. This is why they attach importance not just to agile working methods but also to flexible means of transportation. At Design Offices our office customers enjoy a fleet that leaves nothing to be desired. The perfect means of transport in the urban setting is the bicycle. After all, who can afford to waste time looking for parking nowadays? On two wheels you can elegantly avoid traffic congestion, using self-propulsion to get to your destination faster. And with a clear conscience, too – after all, no means of transport is more environment-friendly.

As flexible as our work environment

You of course have access to a bicycle that is precisely tailored to your needs. All our bikes have one thing in common, however: they are made of fine-quality brush aluminium and are therefore extremely light. The Siegfried Single Speed is the recommended choice for those who prefer an athletic riding style. People who prefer a relaxing ride and enjoy the feel of the wind in their face will opt for a Ludwig with an 8-speed hub gear, or else its female counterpart Lotte, which has the same number of gears. All three are supplied by the well-known Berlin specialist Schindelhauer Bikes. For those who prefer extra comfort there is the e-bike One Soho by Coboc with a range of 80 km. The perfect option for a shopping tour is the e-bike MK1-E by Butchers & Bicycles of Copenhagen: this model is fitted with a very spacious basket and has a range of up to 110 km.


You can find out all you need to know about our mobility offer for office customers by consulting the reception at your site. Happy cycling!