Rotonda - Business Club des 21. Jahrhunderts

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In the New Year we’re starting another great new collaboration, and from now on we’ll be accommodating the Rotonda Business Club at a total of eight sites. The aim is to achieve analogue networking of business drivers, decision-makers, innovators and investors.

“Our aim is to create ‘room for relationships’. This is why we offer our members attractive programmes and content as well as unusual places where they can share and develop ideas and activities with others,” say Uli and Uwe Kessel, Managing Directors of the Rotonda Business Club. “Our cooperation with Design Offices now aims to provide access to the concept of a business club for the 21st century throughout Germany.”

Members of the club can now make use of a diverse event programme as well as exclusive rooms and spaces at Design Offices locations in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Nuremberg and Stuttgart for their conferences, meetings, congresses, events and meetings.