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Laura Cornelius | Berlin DB co.lab
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Laura Cornelius | Berlin DB co.lab

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Work Lab

Our Work Lab is a future-oriented conference space for creative and agile work. It is the perfect setting for extraordinary events ideas – ideal for boot camps and innovative workshops. It is also well-suited to keynote speeches and network events requiring a stylish venue, as the floor space is designed to promote high-level discussion in more ways than one.

The Work Lab allows you absolute freedom in organizing your event thanks to the multifaceted and flexible interior.

Facilities (included):

Reception service
Flat screen (+ HDMI and VGA connection))
Projector (Training Room)
Adapter for PC/Apple
Write-on walls/wall boards
Metaplan boards/flipchart
Technology trolley with presentation kit
Daylight (dimmable)
Air-conditioning/ ventilation system
Nespresso machine

Rooms at a glance


Work Lab S I

59 m2
max. 40 Pax

Whole day 850 €
Work Lab S II

56 m2
max. 42 Pax

Whole day 800 €
Work Lab L I

155 m2
max. 70 Pax

Whole day 1.250 €
Work Lab L II

202 m2
max. 80 Pax

Whole day 1.750 €

(All prices include VAT)
Whole day until 6:00 pm

Additional services (charged extra)

  • Event technology
  • Presentation kit
  • Additional flipcharts/metaplan boards
  • Additional office materials
  • Photocopy, print, scan A4/A3
  • Daytime catering
  • Event catering
  • Service personnel
  • Parking space in underground car park