Alexander Jerke | Berlin Ostbahnhof
Alexander Jerke | Berlin Ostbahnhof
+49 (0)30 76758500
Alexander Jerke | Berlin Ostbahnhof

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Design Offices Berlin Ostbahnhof

Inspiring environment for creative meetings


Spectacular locations that leave a lasting impression


New Work at the in-scene Ostbahnhof Quarter

The in-scene Ostbahnhof neighbourhood is one of Berlin’s most vital hotspots - here’s where creativity and maker and shaker mentality come together. In this pulsating environment, our Berlin Ostbahnhof location offers ambitious new workers an impressive working milieu spread across 8,600 sq m with a full range of options - from co-working to flexible offices through to conferences and events. And all of this with first-class service.

The awesome glass roof dome, five courtyards and the light-flooded atrium make for a one-of-a-kind atmosphere - and the rooftop terrace provides a sensational view over the city. And clients and guests can meet up for the occasional get-together in our DO Café: With its contemporary culinary offerings and stylish surroundings, taking a break has never been more convenient or more attractive!

The excellent infrastructure of our location guarantees rapid accessibility from all directions, whether via car, jet or urban public transportation. Or even with a bicycle: for our fitness-minded clients, Design Offices has bikes to loan.

Alexander Jerke

General Manager

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Design Offices
Berlin Ostbahnhof

Koppenstraße 93 
D-10243 Berlin

+49 (0)30 76758500

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