Alexandra Stecel | Düsseldorf Kaistraße
Alexandra Stecel | Düsseldorf Kaistraße
+49 (0)211 33997401
Alexandra Stecel | Düsseldorf Kaistraße

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Design Offices Düsseldorf Kaistraße

Flexible room solutions on-site

Modern worlds of work in the heart of the city

Working environments designed for New Work in the revitalized Hafen district

Our second location in Düsseldorf is directly on the Media Harbour, one of the most fascinating urban development areas in the state capital. Directly flanking old Rhine cargo cranes, this district is today a hub for new media, start-ups and agencies.

Spread across five floors, we offer modern working environments with a start-up atmosphere – ideal for fresh ideas and effective meetings. The concept encompasses flexible offices and project spaces, inspiring co-working areas as well as variable meeting and event spaces, all with that certain je ne sais quoi.

The building’s architecture catches the eye thanks to the effective combination of brickwork topped with a striking glass façade, designed to dovetail with the typical harbour architecture. One memorable highlight is the green interior courtyard with an arcade walkway and various water features – ideal for relaxing breaks and moments of reflection.

The neighbourhood is home to a wide selection of restaurants, bars and cafés as well as all the essential local amenities. In addition, the location boasts outstanding accessibility for both public and private transport.




Alexandra Stecel

General Manager

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Design Offices
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+49 (0)211 33997401

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