Pia Piotrowski | Frankfurt Eschborn
Pia Piotrowski | Frankfurt Eschborn
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Pia Piotrowski | Frankfurt Eschborn

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Design Offices Frankfurt Eschborn

Greater developmental freedom for your team

The Work Loft unites the entire Design Offices working world in a single area reserved for exclusive use. The working environment is particularly suited to teams which actively work together on a daily basis and that require various spatial scenarios. The combination of retreat, exchange and meeting zones provides room for focussed and collaborative endeavours, as well as for socializing and learning within the team.

The spaces are fully equipped, conducive to professional work and encounters, and feature state-of-the-art infrastructure.  There is also plenty of space for larger groups.

Facilities (included):

Reception service
Multifunctional equipment
Automatic coffee machine


Work Loft

12-40 persons

Price on request

(All prices exclude VAT)

Additional services (charged extra)

  • Presentation kit
  • Flipcharts/metaplan boards
  • Additional office materials
  • Photocopy, print, scan A4/A3
  • Daytime catering
  • Parking space in underground car park