Sabrina Bauer | Heidelberg Colours
Sabrina Bauer | Heidelberg Colours
+49 (0)6221 3522100
Sabrina Bauer | Heidelberg Colours

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Design Offices Heidelberg Colours

Flexible room solutions on-site

New site in one of Germany's most popular cities

Our first site in Heidelberg is located in the new Bahnstadt district – one of the city's most recently developed areas. This young, vibrant quarter offers excellent quality of living and exceptional urban charm.

Work, living, shopping and leisure merge harmoniously here to create a lasting environment – the perfect setting for modern Design Offices work landscapes. On a total of five floors and a surface area of 4,000 m2, our location has everything you’ll need for modern work routines: contemporary office environments, flexible co-working spaces, inspiring meeting rooms and a superb event space complete with rooftop terrace.

Its excellent location means the Heidelberg Colours site is just 13 minutes' walk from the central station as well as just 10 minutes away from the historical town centre by bus, tram or bicycle.

Sabrina Bauer

General Manager

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Heidelberg Colours

Langer Anger 7-9
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+49 (0)6221 3522100

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