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Training Room

The Training Room is an outstanding conventional learning space with everything required to hold top-notch conferences, training sessions and seminars for larger groups. Whether you opt for a theatre-style or classroom seating arrangement, this space always delivers the perfect atmosphere for your presentation, grabbing the full attention of all in attendance.

The multi-functional interior fittings also offer everything required for contemporary work: state-of-the-art technology, high-quality furnishings and writable dividing walls which allow the space to be flexibly separated.
The Coworking Lounge on the 5th floor is the central meeting point for networking, co-working and relaxing. During the day, this is also an inviting space to savour coffee or catering during breaks between sessions.

In the evening, this area can be transformed into an impressive event space. In combination with the cool roof terrace, this is the perfect location for unique gatherings designed to leave a lasting impression – whether a stand-up reception,
networking event or an informal after-work beer with colleagues. 

Facilities (included):

Reception service
Flat screen (+ HDMI and VGA connection)
Projector (Training Room)
Adapter for PC/Apple
Write-on walls/wall boards
Metaplan boards/flipchart
Technology trolley with presentation kit
Daylight (dimmable)
Air-conditioning/ ventilation system
Nespresso machine, drinks refrigerator

Rooms at a glance


Training Room I

62 m2
max. 60 Pax

Whole day 810 €
Training Room II

38 m2
max. 35 Pax

Whole day 540 €
Training Room I+II

100 m2
max. 100 Pax

Whole day 1.150 €
Training Room III

36 m2
max. 25 Pax

Whole day 560 €
Training Room IV im Stellwerk

45 m2
max. 35 Pax

Whole day 650 €

(All prices include VAT)
Whole day until 6:00 pm

Additional services (charged extra)

  • Event technology
  • Presentation kit
  • Additional flipcharts/metaplan board
  • Additional office materials
  • Photocopy, print, scan A4/A3
  • Daytime catering
  • Event catering
  • Service personnel
  • Parking space in underground car park