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Design Offices Köln Mediapark

Meet & Move Room

Innovation is becoming increasingly important for companies. Creative technologies enhance intelligence and help to develop innovative ideas. This room can play an important role when applying methodologies such as design thinking, scrum or classic brainstorming.

The Meet & Move Room is designed to offer an ideal environment for vertical working in interdisciplinary teams. The combination of bar-style high table and communication corner ensures a relaxed atmosphere and space for creative stimulation. Stylish design and modern furnishings provide stimulation for creative ideas, while write-on magnetic walls, whiteboards and pinboards aid visualisation and illustration.

Facilities (included):

Reception service
Flat screen (+ HDMI and VGA connection)
Projector (Training Room)
Adapter for PC/Apple
Write-on walls/wall boards
Metaplan boards/flipchart
Technology trolley with presentation kit
Daylight (dimmable)
Air-conditioning/ ventilation system
Nespresso machine, drinks refrigerator

Rooms at a glance


Meet & Move Room I

38 m2
max. 12 Pax

Whole day800 €
Meet & Move Room II

32 m2
max. 12 Pax

Whole day750 €
Meet & Move Room 6.I

26 m2
max. 8 Pax

Whole day600 €
Meet & Move Room 6.II

32 m2
max. 12 Pax

Whole day750 €
Meet & Move Room 6.III

32 m2
max. 12 Pax

Whole day750 €
Meet & Move Room 6.IV

26 m2
max. 8 Pax

Whole day600 €

(All prices include VAT)
Whole day until 6:00 pm

Additional services (charged extra)

  • Event technology
  • Presentation kit
  • Additional flipcharts/metaplan boards
  • Additional office materials
  • Photocopy, print, scan A4/A3
  • Daytime catering
  • Event catering
  • Service personnel
  • Parking space in underground car park