Sustainability at Design Offices

Sustainability Design Offices

Design Offices enables companies and self-employed people to use flexible working environments. The focus is on innovation and creativity - but also on sustainability. That's why Design Offices is committed to a climate-neutral future. What measures play a role in this?

Sustainability by conviction

Sustainability is not an option - it's a necessity. Companies have a responsibility to actively contribute their part to a climate-neutral future. For Design Offices, transparency and a sense of responsibility are therefore top priorities. In an industry that stands for change and innovation, a sustainable perspective plays a crucial role - also for our customers and employees. As the market leader for flexible office spaces and coworking, Design Offices is setting an example and taking on the pioneering role with regard to climate neutrality.

At Design Offices, we collectively value our environment, sustainability and regionality.

»In order to be able to meet the demands of our customers, we believe that a systematic, ambitious approach to climate-relevant resources is an essential building block.«

Dr. Joachim Gripp, CEO at Design Offices

All about sustainability

Your CO₂-neutral workspace - working at Design Offices is climate-friendly. That's something to be proud of! Simply download our sustainability badge for your website or email signature.
Or read up on which sustainable business development projects Design Offices supports in order to be recognized as a climate-neutral company.

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Climate neutrality through compensation

Our carbon footprint is close to our hearts. Through our collaboration with Planetly, we created the right framework for climate-neutral building use - and achieve greater awareness of our daily energy consumption. By always collecting our CO₂ emissions and recording this data according to "Greenhouse-Gas-Protocol" standards, we define the appropriate measures for an emission-free future. This has now also been certified by TÜV.

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Resource-saving working landscapes

The majority of the real estate used by Design Offices consists of revitalized buildings. This means that we make an important contribution to the issue of sustainability even before our working landscapes are actually created. This is because our use of space means that real estate is not demolished and rebuilt in the first place - it is simply reused. This means that they not only meet the highest standards in terms of modernity, but also impress with a range of certified solutions for a more sustainable future. For example, many of our sites have LEED Gold certification - and thus stand for ecological building.

Green electricity as an environmentally friendly energy source

Since January 2021, Design Offices has been uniformly purchasing only green electricity throughout Germany, 100% of which comes from renewable sources. With this, we have already kicked off the biggest driver in the area of CO emissions in the right direction and are actively contributing to low-emission energy use.

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Lower energy consumption through sustainable light sources

Light plays an important role in giving premises a special atmosphere and a cozy ambience. That's why the right lighting is an essential part of our Design Offices locations. In order to reduce our power consumption as much as possible, we equip all our lights with LEDs. Motion detectors - for example in the corridors or toilets - also help to ensure that light only burns where it is really needed. In this way, we ensure that the light sources in our working landscapes are used as sustainably as possible.

Working more consciously and sustainably with waste separation

Together with our customers, we ensure that waste is always disposed of separately at all our Design Offices locations. That's why we have appropriate disposal containers for paper, plastic and residual waste in all of our areas. Together, we save valuable energy and resources every day.

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Emission-free commute thanks to Design Offices Bike Fleet.

Urban mobility is an area of the sharing economy and plays an increasingly important role in the modern working world. At our company, too: with the introduction of our environmentally friendly Design Offices Bike Fleet, we offer our customers and employees the greatest possible mobility from the office - without having to search for a parking space, without any expenses of our own, but with a lot of fun and maximum flexibility. In times of high concentrations of particulate matter in inner cities, the topic of mobility is more topical than ever. By making our bikes available on a flexible basis, we create the necessary incentives for emission-free commuting.