Great design deserves a stylish setting.

Interview with Thomas Kreibeck, Key Account Manager, Artemide

Why does Artemide deliver its presentations at Design Offices?
There are many positive factors entering the picture here. We are looking for environments that meet our exacting requirements in terms of design, quality and staging. Design Offices delivers all of this – it’s the perfect setting for our lamps.

Did you also have other reasons for choosing Design Offices?
Apart from the overall design requirement, flexibility was essential. When I need a conference room, I just book it, and if I want to organise a trade fair or event, it’s sorted – no problem. Design Offices is the perfect setting for us. Above all, you can rely on the same high quality at every location. Another major reason is the logistics support that’s always available to us here. We have countless packages delivered here every day. Design Offices takes care of everything for us, obviously handling our despatches, too.

What do you see as the best thing about the services provided by Design Offices?
I particularly like the full-service offerings, as I can book exactly the spaces I need. From seminar, project and conference rooms to fireside rooms for negotiations and impressive event venues. It’s all included in the same super package.

How valuable is Design Offices to you as an event partner?
First of all, we can rely on their organisational skills and excellent catering. The real benefit is obviously the networking facilitated by the event and the interesting and inspiring people involved. You really can’t put a value on this. We like to invite our clients along, sometimes with the Design Offices network. This means that events aren’t just all about sales. Initially, you have to create the right setting for dialogue and exchange. Obviously, we’re not going to be disappointed if we get some business out of it. It’s all about the superior quality and consistency of the events.

How great are the benefits of Design Offices for your
sales activities?

The Design Offices locations soon became part of our sales strategy. It quite simply suits us – from the flexibility we enjoy to the consistent quality across all locations. As we go about our daily activities, we can see how easy it is for our teams to work in a productive and connected way. Whatever location or space you use, they all have the Design Offices signature and the same high design standards. It’s the perfect world of experience for our clients and partners, and we feel very comfortable here. And that’s the key.