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Feel good, work better. This is not only our customer promise, but also what we live by. We make your working life easier so that you can just do it. Be creative, productive and innovative with us - we'll take care of the rest. We have already created flexible working environments at around 50 locations across Germany. At Design Offices, companies and teams find their ideal workplace. By the way, even if we like to hear the compliment: We can do a lot more than just look stunning.

12 reasons why Design Offices is the place where people perform better and prefer to work together:

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1. Made in Germany: from the initial foundation in Nuremberg to German market leader.

Helping to shape New Work in Germany and creating special workspaces to finally replace traditional office cubicles: this is the vision that moved Michael O. Schmutzer to found Design Offices GmbH in Nuremberg in 2008. Today, we are the German market leader and acknowledged expert for flex offices. At more than 40 locations in 15 cities, our customers from near and far are working by the hour, day, month or over the long-term. While our locations continue to grow just like our expertise, Design Offices remains one thing first and foremost at its core: New Work made in Germany.

2. The all-inclusive, all-round solution for New Work: our product diversity for agile working.

Agile working calls for flexible working landscapes. Design Offices offers the right space for every occasion. Whether it's an entire floor, coworking spaces or a meeting room. In this way, the environment can be simply and easily adapted to our customers’ individual needs. From agile workshops to customer meetings with a fireside flair to sundowners on the roof terrace: we offer all these options under a single roof. And New Work for everyone: Our inspiring spaces are accessible to the entire community - executive offices with special status behind closed doors is a thing of the past.

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3. Straight from the heart: enthusiastic customers speak for themselves.

Top service with top ratings. Working at Design Offices is convenient and straight forward. Arrive, plug in your laptop, get started. We stand by our claim: With our all-round service, we ensure that our customers can take care of what really matters – and we’ll take of all the rest. From competent reception, including mail service and excellent advice, to cleaning and catering, we guarantee a uniform top standard at all our locations. Naturally, you can also register your business address with us. Enthusiastic customers are our highest aspiration.

4. Strong partners: People who give their all need the best possible set-up.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, full-time employees in Germany spent an average of 41 hours per week at work in 2019. That's why it's essential that the workplace where we spend our time, often day in, day out, meets the highest safety and health standards. It all starts with the right fittings, furniture and equipment - at Design Offices, we team up with our partners to ensure that our customers work in an ideal set-up. Height-adjustable desks, ergonomic seating for a healthy back, as well as cozy lounge areas, optimal lighting for the eyes, first-class coffee machines for the soul - and if you want to move around a bit more, just grab one of our rental bicycles free of charge. We’ll make sure that everything is available - so that our customers can concentrate on their work.

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5. Fast and secure instead of slow and sleepy connections: reliable technology, anytime, any place.

Also in the New Normal, reliability forms the foundation of the working world – and this holds especially true for technology, because whoever has experienced Internet problems during an important video call will know just how frustrating this can be. Our Design Offices locations impress with their outstanding IT infrastructure. This starts with seemingly small things, such as printing and scanning in split seconds via Papercut interface and continues with redundant and synchronous Internet lines from no less than three different providers - which together offer high availability of 99.9% in connection with a bandwidth of up to 500 Mbit/s for downloading and uploading. Add to that IT onboarding in just a few minutes, rapid response times with our own IT hotline until 10 p.m., and advanced, leading edge optional (security) solutions such as VPN, local access systems, exclusive IP addresses, botnet protection, and much more.

6. Analog or digital: why not just opt for both as a hybrid solution?

Our customers have the choice - in every respect. You can experience every location virtually in 3D via Matterport or just pay us a visit live on site. Book rooms digitally via DO.App or get personal advice at the reception. Bring hybrid meetings to life with interactive touchscreens, 360-degree meeting cameras and green-screen digital spaces - or would you rather write and paste ideas all over the walls with the whole team in a creative workshop? And why decide one way or the other in the first place? Go ahead and simply combine real and virtual post-its in a hybrid format, anything is possible. Even our free rental bikes are available with or without electricity. Maximum flexibility for our customers - whether online, offline or hybrid. For us, the new world of work is already the New Normal.

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7. Working environments made to measure: flexible instead of one size fits all.

New Work is individual, flexible and freely designable. Design Offices stands for exactly this way of working - we are firmly convinced that there is no universal standard solution for agile work environments, but the right customized solution for activity-based working. Every start-up, every SME and every corporation has individual needs. Our customers decide for themselves whether they want to use premises by the hour or by the day, monthly or even annually. Whether today in the home office, tomorrow with us as your third place and the day after tomorrow as headquarters. At over 40 locations throughout Germany, you can work exactly where it suits you best. The number of people, type of use, availability – it’s all customized and flexible.

8. Feel good, work better: Simply focus on the essentials.

Your workplace, our services – now that's real teamwork. Design Offices offers you the perfect framework conditions to work productively. We’ll make everything easy for you, so you can just get on with things. Your only task: just get going and devote yourself to what's important - your creativity, productivity and ultimately your success. As experts in New Work, we leave nothing to be desired: In addition to our fully equipped premises, we offer catering, beverages, reliable cleaning, parcel and reception services and much more. After all, to put it casually, there are more important things to do in modern knowledge work than buying hygiene products, refilling dishwashers and taking away deposits.

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9. Convincing design - or as our customers say: 100% instagrammable.

Form follows function - yet we are convinced that an appealing environment is not only conducive to successful work, but in fact essential. That's why the "Design" in our name not only stands for Design Thinking. Every detail in our Design Offices premises has been selected by experts for New Work and invites people to linger and think creatively - whether it's lighting, seating furniture, telephone boxes or roof terraces. While you'll recognize Design Offices across Germany by the signature visual profile we cut, each location has its own unique flair. You'll work in unique buildings with stories that you can make your own when welcoming clients in prestigious surroundings.

10. Safety guaranteed: With a seal of approval.

Design Offices is your certified partner for safe working. Our hygiene and safety measures are geared to guaranteeing the protection of our employees and customers in the best possible way. And we are not just stating this, but we have also had it confirmed: We have been awarded the BAD Occupational Health and Safety Standard Covid-19 Seal as of May 2020 - and we work every day to ensure that our premises meet the highest requirements for occupational health and safety.

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11. Naturally sustainable: for a climate-neutral future.

Sustainability is not an option – it is an absolute necessity. Consequently, together with Planetly, we are enabling CO2-neutral work in our premises - in all areas. For example, we have already completely offset our footprint for 2020. In doing so, we are not only paying attention to correct waste separation, but also contributing to our customers having access to an emission-free means of transport at all times with our bicycle fleet. In order to avoid long transport routes, we are cooperating with European and German partners and sourcing regional products for our sites. In terms of energy, Design Offices is also relying on smart and resource-saving solutions - motion detectors in corridors or toilets, for example, guarantee that light sources are only on when and where they are actually required. Since January 2021, we have also been tapping 100% green electricity from renewable sources. What’s more, numerous Design Offices locations have already received LEED Gold certification – thereby representing climate-neutral working environments.

12. Wholeheartedly heart: responsibility that we gladly assume.

We want to give something back to society and create added value through our workspaces – also over and beyond our customer base. That's why we at Design Offices are passionate about supporting social projects. Whether it's leftover food from our first-class catering, jobs for the victims of the Ahr Valley flooding, or IT equipment such as laptops for students as support in times of homeschooling - donations to social institutions are important to us not only for sustainability reasons, but also as contributions to society.

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Work creatively, productively and innovatively with us today and tomorrow: Feel good work better!

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